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Animation #1 : Making the storyboard

Written By Rio Fujisawa on March 19, 2014 | 3/19/2014

 I made this movie a month ago.  I wanted it like a hand-drawn animation, not digital one and used drawing software, such as Photoshop Elements, free animation software and windows movie maker to make this. The story of this animation is about Yuzuru HANYU and his friend “Pooh” (a box of tissues with a Winnie-the-Pooh’s cover!). Pooh couldn’t go to the Sochi Olympics with Yuzuru by the regulation of the Olympic Games. I made this step by step each day and uploaded this video clip 3 hours before his game. Phew! Yuzuru got a gold medal in men’s figure skating. Congratulations!

 Check this animation now.

The software I used:
 Photoshop Elements (and partly ComicStudio EX)
 FreeAnimeStudio (It’s FREE)
 Windows Movie Maker (perhaps in your PC with windows OS)

 First, I drew the storyboard on a piece of paper.

 One frame is made into one video clip. If we use FreeAnimeStudio, we can make video clips from PSD files we made with Photoshop. You draw a picture on each layer and unite it in one PSD file. I recommend you to draw your art only by line drawing and try moving your animation on FreeAnimeStudio.

 Next, color the picture. You need another PSD art file for the background.

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