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Now, start e-manga

Written By Rio Fujisawa on March 7, 2014 | 3/07/2014

 I published many manga books and drew artworks in novels in Japan. Years ago, I lost all of those jobs suddenly, for my book editor transferred to the other section without any prior announcement and the plan of serial manga ended in smoke. At that time, many manga artists left the company. Some were so shocked that they couldn’t create manga.
 In Japan, manga artists cannot publish their works without publishing on manga magazines. If some manga we think good doesn’t fit in with the magazine’s image, it can’t be seen on it. Often these works never appear in the world. NEVER. The financial condition of the publishing world is not very promising now. They haven’t developed new artists, new works and genres, so manga artists should publish on their own, I think. It’s e-manga.
 I will try something new, serial manga on the internet and have been preparing them. I’ll be glad you read my series of manga when I publish them.


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